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Post  Pete Zahut on Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:29 pm

KC NurseSharks: gets 5th pick overall and 125th pick overall.
purple_ppl_eaters: gets 6th pick overall and 115th pick overall. (inaugural draft).

iwco direct: gets RB Marshawn Lynch and KC NurseSharks' 2010 4th round draft pick.
KC NurseSharks: gets WR Muhsin Muhammed and iwco direct's 2010 2nd round draft pick.

Doobie: Gets RB Pierre Thomas.
Kopl: Gets RB Chris Wells and WR Ted Ginn Jr.

KC NurseSharks: gets RB Ryan Grant, TE Chris Cooley, and WR Terrel Owens.
Jedi Knights: gets RB Steven Jackson, TE Jason Witten and iwco direct's 2010 2nd round draft pick.

Pete Zahut: gets QB Jay Cutler
iwco direct: gets RB Shonn Greene and Pete Zahut's 2010 1st round draft pick.

Kopl: gets RB Ryan Grant, TE Tony Gonzales, and DEF Arizona.
KC NurseSharks: gets TE Greg Olsen, RB Donald Brown, and DEF New York(jets).

Mile High Salute: Gets RB Willie Parker, TE Greg Olsen, and WR Devin Hester
KC NurseSharks: Gets TE Dallas Clark, RB Larry Johnson, WR Micheal Crabtree.

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