NurseSharks and GridironGod strike a deal

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NurseSharks and GridironGod strike a deal Empty NurseSharks and GridironGod strike a deal

Post  sw24ever on Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:58 pm

Sharks decide to deal the veteran play maker Donald Driver and young prospect RB Donald Brown to the gridirongod's in a deal that will send WR Jeremy Maclin and RB Jonathan Stewart to the NurseSharks.

"Driver was such a big part of this team moving forward, but passing on a RB of Stewarts calibur, we couldn't pass, so this was our best move in order to get better," said NurseSharks management.

Who this deal benefits most will be determined soon, but the NurseSharks like the look of this team coming into this inaugural season.

"Its been tough to put together a perfect team, and while we aren't really where we want to be yet, we are definitely getting closer," says Sharks GM Stephen Waldon. "All we can do is keep trying to better ourselves and put ourselves in the best spot to win, now and in the future."


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